Ghost to IR with hip injury

you doubters get your wish.

can Welker return and Kick!?

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crazy!! So many will now get their wish of Ghost gone.

This is not a good thing.

Bring in that woman that got all the press in Eagles camp.

I demand a kicking donkey named Gus.

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Maybe explains why he’s been missing so many XPs lately?

Who was that guy in Chicago who kept doinking his kicks? Something tells me BB can turn that guy into an NFL place kicker.

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Every male fan wants a Young-Hoe!!


this makes me think, mega threads or individual threads on topics?

I couldn’t decide where to post it either but you beat me to it with a new thread.

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I’m flexible. It depends on the news I think. I hate it when big stories are buried in mega threads.

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yup, my thought is this could end up big if he plays poorly - I hope I am wrong.