GameThread April 29, 2019 Egador against the A's

Maybe its the Shoes that are the issue

Holy crap. Somehow I never knew that was Hank Azaria. Wow. Thanks for that.

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Jays swept this damn team back to back. Can we at least get a win please!

What a great four seam fastball by Eddie.

Eddie is shaking off Vasquez a lot.

ERod is a bit off. 2-0 A’s.

Ugly Eddie tonight


What a joke. Gonna watch the raptors.

Joke? 6-4 Sox.

7-4 Sox. Just tuned in.

Sox looking better

Bases loaded for Benny.

Got 1, hold them now

Anxiously swung at the first pitch. Fart. Out.

Chavis looks like the real deal already.

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Workman just struck out two and Cora is taking him out? I know there are runners on 2nd and 3rd, but Brasier better not blow it.

Swing and a miss. Brazier gets them out of the inning. Well done.

He didn’t blow it.