GameThread 8.20.18. Sox welcome Tito’s tribe to town

Go Sox!!

Ooh, a lead. 3-0 Sox in the 3rd.

So nice watching the game by a fire

On vacation, Mikie?

So nice watching the game by a fire

Missed the Cabrera homer. 3-1 Sox.

I take a series of long weekends and camp with kids. I will take Monday and Friday off but work 30-36 hours Tuesday to Thursday. While I work my sister heads to camp with kids.

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Ugh. 2-run shot by Brantley ties it 3-3.

Wow! Porcello got drilled in the chest.


Left Porcello in a bit too long methinks.

Kluber out. Go, go Sox!



Benny walks!!! JD on deck… Moreland up!!!

End it brother!!

Looking for Mitch’s Magic!!!

4-6 but no 3

1st and 3rd, 1 out

JD!!! Pops up

X up

Infield hit. One run game

Tying run on second…

Should they run for Moreland?

Kingsler up