GameThread 8.17.18. Lefty week continues as the

Sox roll out three lefty Starters. Not since Hurst, Tudor, Ojeda Java this happened!!! Ok I made that up

Tuned in just in time to see the Sox tie it 3-3 in the 4th.

Watching at camp.

I see Sox have a 4-3 lead after 5.5.

A Jackie double scores Sweetheart from 1st and it’s 5-3.

Glamping again, eh?

We need a “coffee guy” emoji.


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nice night, only thing I wanted so kids and I can still escape to our happy spots.

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Very nice, Mikie!

Mitchy 2-Bags then J.D. knocks him in. 6-3 Sox.

Another run in when I blinked to make it 7-3.

Barnes is pitching and Rays have 2 on and nobody out in the 8th.

Got out of it.

This team is awesome