GameThread 7.29.18 sox cooking with Eovaldi debut against berrios

This is the EVO Rachel Ray start

Here’s your pregame lesson from RR. Enjoy!

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J.D.! A double drives in two in the 2nd.

Got home just in time to see JD be clutch.

What’s the deal with this Eovaldi guy?

Oh wow

Missed it. What’s the “'wow?”

JBJ amazing catch

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Thanks. I’m on Gameday and need to get to a TV.

When JBJ was at Carolina one of my son’s teammates when they were 12 or so followed him on Twitter and jokingly sent him a tweet inviting JBJ to his birthday party at a local wing joint and JBJ showed up.

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You don’t have a tv?

I’m having lunch with company in one room and the TV is in another. I’m about to kick them out and watch the game.

Swihart nice play to start the 543 DP

Benny double.

JD Machinist

J.D.! Drives in Benny and it’s 3-0.

Wow! The catch, the dust up, the wall. A+++

Off the bat I was 100% sure that was a double.

The MLB record for men left on base by a team is 20 by the Yankees on Sept 21 1956.

The Sox have 10 through 4 innings today.

Eovaldi isn’t physically imposing and his stuff isnt electric but man its just batter after batter after batter missing the sweet spot on the bat. Lots of weak contact. 68 pitches through 6 innings.