Gamethread 07/27/19 Yankees (Sabathia) @ Red Sox (E-Rod)

Make it 3 in a row over the stanks!!!

I’ll be missing this game :frowning: family function today at 2:30 I’ll be checking in for updates!

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That’s my goal. 134 posts.

Let the insanity begin.

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Bear mojo

My gosh, he’s huge!

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Adams mojo

Beer mojo

He may even be fatter than Fat Tony.

erod mojo

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I’m in!!!


I would like to purchase! How much? Will my crappy 07 Saturn cover it lol

Picture of me last year. I was jogging on this particular day.

I just threw away a whole bunch of CDs. I can’t believe how much time I spent…ummm …“acquiring” them.

I asked my 19 year old if he knew anyone who might use my 100 disc changer and a couple of big stacks of CDs

He just rolled his eyes and said “Yeah… Get your push plow and abacus too.”

Fucking kids.

Ugggh wife making me do chores.

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Bear mojo.

Beer mojo.

E-Rod mojo.

Adams mojo with a story. In 1994 I bought a case of this. There was so much hype about it in advance and being a fan of Sam’s Double Bock I figured this was a no-brainer. Fancy blue bottle too! Well, two words. Soy sauce. Nasty! :face_vomiting: I still have an unopened bottle with the fancy tag.


Holy Crap.

I just found the remote for my old Pioneer stereo receiver. Now i can watch the game with theses

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Lmao I just had to clean the dog poop outside. It was not pleasant. We have 3 dogs.

Lmao so you’re saying it’s not thirst quenching.

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Maybe you could use it on eggrolls

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