Game Thread June !!, 2019 Darwin survival of the fittest night against Chuck Norris


Why is Joolz the only one posting?


Sorry Joolz. This game sucks. I put everybody loves Raymond on. This team is depressing me right now. Also I’m feeding my son. He’s being a pain in the ass tonight lol.


Everyone ejected. What an embarrassment.


Don’t apologize, Tyler. I was joking. In fact I changed the channel too, as these games have been hard to watch. This game is going was past my bedtime, so I’m out. Goodnight.


Have a good sleep Joolz! This team is a bore to watch. I may go to sleep myself.


This game was hard to watch just like this season. Cora yet to show he has an answer for any of the top teams this year.


I was watching and listening at different times, busy time of year with school end for kids and fighting with school to make sure classes are correct next year.

my mojo was weak on this one, I failed you my friends, I failed


We forgive you Mike. On the Talksox forum I created the game day thread 2 days in a row without a win. Needless to say the boys and girls are not taking it very good. Lol. Don’t think I’ll be making a game thread there for a while.