Game Thread June !!, 2019 Darwin survival of the fittest night against Chuck Norris

and teh Texas Rangers!!!

Ariel Jurado goes against the Sox Lefty Darwinzon Hernandez!!!

Lets go Sox!!!

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Oh boy. Good luck kid. Might be throwing him to the wolves.

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The unknown starter always gave the Red Sox fits for some reason. I am hoping it works in their favor tonight and we go on a Morgan Magic 20 game run!!!

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Does this look like the face of a guy who is afraid to pitch inside?


If only Fenway had a dome!!!

Is it raining?

stopped but you need a dome to pitch inside correct?

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I meant inside to batters

This rookie has some heat!

:wave: Joolz is in da house!

Devers with a triple ties it 3-3!

New guy out and Brewer coming in.

Not a terrible start for him.


6-3 Texas.

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Benny and Cora just got tossed.

Texas with an inside-the-park home run. 9-3 Texas.

Texas Manager just got tossed.