Game Thread July 23, 2018 WHAT'S NEW (SOX) IN Baltimore!!!

Mitchy 4-bags! 1-0 Sox in the 2nd.

Just getting in. Game about to start watching.

Another rain delay.

Almost enough innings to make it a game… let’s go Devers

Bases they be loaded with one out. Go JBJ!

I got a feeling…

JBJ does it -walk in a run

Walks in a run. Yay!

Mookie! Just do it!

Mookie? Can he? Will he?

Mookie’s beard is weak



C’mon, Benny!

Look at the empty seats. Kinda feel bad for he O’s.

Benny doesn’t feel sorry for anyone

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Ground rule double drives in two. 4-0 Sox!

Glad I don’t have to look at Machado.

J.D.! Another run in.