Game Thread 9.13.18 Sox look to clean up the series with a



Not a sentence

Sit down, Smoak.

Boring game.

It is how they work, boring for 6 before waking up.

See!!! Devers deep makes it 3-1

Action! Devers with a home run to make it 3-1 Sox.

Not happy.

Crappy Kelly

Oh, for cryin’ out loud, Kelly.

Hit batter walks in a run and it’s tied 3-3. Workman in.

J.D. needs another home run.

How did that get a run!!?!?!?

Hahahahaha! Yay!

Good Kimbrel, please.

K Kimbrel is best

MUddy H2O

Kimbrel 8-pitch water.