Game Thread 6.22.18 We park on a driveway, drive on a parkway game

Seattle comes to town and the Sox send Stephen Wright out to chuckle the ball against the Mariners and LeBlanc, the voice of so many cartoon characters.

Holy crap! Just tuned in, 5th inning and it’s 10-5 Seattle. Wright must have been really wrong.

J.D. with a 2-run shot gets the Sox closer 10-8 in the 6th.

Mitch follows with a triple.

X with an RBI makes it 10-9.

The wrong stuff!!!

Bases loaded for Benny in the 7th with one out.

Tie game!

JDM! Sox lead 12-10.

Yes!!! Thanks. Roughing it tonight, no camper.


Pitching dual for sure.