Game Thread 26MAY2019: Red Sox (Rodriguez) @ Astros (Verlander)

Their Ace versus our Wild Card.

This has a loss written all over it. Verlander once again is outstanding. E Rod is inconsistent. But here’s hoping we win.

And the Red Sox stake Verlander a 1-run lead in the first inning. 1-0 Astros after one.

ESPN has these pages that show how each well each team’s lineup bats against each pitcher. Here is Red Sox vs. Verlander. In summary, of the Red Sox hitters who have had 10 AB or more, Holt, Nunez, and Moreland have been able to hit Verlander fairly well. The rest, not so much. JD is 2 for 3 against Verlander, but, small sample size and all.

For the sake of completeness, here is Astros vs. ERod. Nobody has more than 9 ABs against ERod, but, overall, they are hitting .333 against him with an OPS of 1.015. We’re doomed … DOOMED, I tell you.

We are losing. Again.

Stop the Presses. Benny gets a sac fly RBI. Someone note the date and time; this doesn’t happen very often to the Boston Red Sox.

1-1, top of the third.

ERod opens the third giving up a double to Bregman, but great defense and better pitching allows him to escape. Still 1-1 after three full.

Stopping by to offer my “Joolz has company” mojo.

Go Sox!



Sox are winning Joolz! That’s what counts :slight_smile:

Beautiful win!!



Verlander had a bad day.

Now he has to go home and be “consoled” by his missus.

Poor guy. :sob:

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Sorry. I’m on nights now so I slept thru the game. After tonight though I’m off for 7 glorious days. So i will do some make up posting then.

I feel terrible for the guy.

Had to Google it. Had no idea. :woman_facepalming:

She had the best response when Verlander got beat out by Ricky Mushrooms for the Cy Young


Even if you disagree with her from a baseball standpoint, you can’t fault her attitude.:grin: