Game Thread 20JUL2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ Orioles (Eshelman)

Davis and Trumbo have almost 100 PAs between them facing Porcello. Davis is 11-for-54 (.212) with 2BB and 4HR vs. Rick; Trumbo is 12-for-40 (.300) with 1BB and 4HR as well. The team as a whole is 33-for-123 (.268) with 9 HR.

Thomas Eshelman doesn’t seem to have any experience against the Red Sox; in fact, he’s so new, he doesn’t even have a picture on ESPN. Recent callup from AAA?


My man rick!!! We got this.

Eduardo Nunez releases.

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Rick will kill these guys!

Saskatchewan Roughriders play BC at the same time as the Sox game. I’ll flip between the games

I won’t be tuning in until 8-ish and I want to see a lead.

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We better not drop two games in a row to this terrible team.

Not a good offensive start.

Well there’s a good start!

Nice. 4 to nothing.

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I like these starts. Hope porcello goes 7 shut out tonight


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My wish came true.

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Uh oh. 5-1

Ugh. 5-4 now. My gosh. Unbelievable!


Tie game.

I can’t defend Porcello anymore. He’s garbage.

Mookie! 7-5 Sox on top.

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