Game Thread 09.16.20: Red Sox (Kickham) at Marlins (Rogers)

Go Sox! Winning is fun! Let’s do it again!

I’m in. No C’s or football tonight.

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I’m in too. Was going to watch something on Netflix or Amazon but the Sox season is so short, I’ll watch the game.


Well he isn’t looking as good as what we had last night lol

Sox cut their lead in half. 2-1 Miami on top.

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This pitcher reminds me of a rockstar porn star.

Dirty babysitters meet young hung rockers 5.

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Slip, sliding away…

4-1 Miami


Rockstar porn star sucks

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Lmao garbage. Wow

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Lmao yes yes he does. He’s awful.

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Hey, Manny Delcarmen!


Vertigo with a double. Yes, I know. It’s Verdugo.

C’mon, Raffy. Get him in.

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Yes! 6-2

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Well we got a couple at least!!

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Yup, it’s not a good year for J.D.

Martinez has been awful unfortunately. I haven’t checked lately but for most of this short year we had a top-five offence and even a top 10 at worst offense. It’s our pitching that has killed us, if we even had remotely decent pitching we would be a playoff team without a shadow of a doubt

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“Mediocre piece of cheese” ~ Eck

I don’t think the powers that be want to be a playoff team. They are building for a monster future with young guys mixed in with the great vets that we have now.

The have a shot at one of the 3 tremendous talents at the top of the draft.

Sox, I think are fighting for one of the three monsters at the top of the draft.

This is not a horrible team but I do believe the pitching was decimated on purpose to tank for these guys.

Being a huge Pats fan it really rubs me the wrong way to Suck for Luck or Tank For Trevor. Belichichich would never do any such thing.

But after a few years of selling out the young’uns in Dombrowski’s system I can kinda see the wisdom.

Baseball is a different game and with the Rays guy a GM I think the future is bright.


Martinez got a homer lmao. Joolz needs to bash more often.

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