Game Thread 09.05.18: Red Sox (Velazquez) at Braves (Foltynewicz)

Way to go, Hector. Acuna homers on the 2nd pitch of the game. :angry:

Followed by an Inciarte triple. :angry:

Markakis single. :angry:

Camargo single. :angry:

2-0 Braves after one. :angry:

we got one back, lets tie it soon

Pomeranz in and already in trouble in the 5th. Runners on 2nd and 3rd with nobody out. :angry:

3-1 Braves.

Bases loaded and nobody out. :angry:

Joolz’ favorite emoji = :angry:


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ugh 6-1

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I’m truly concerned about Sox pitching. Both starters and relievers. Am I crazy?

Who is this Cuevas dude?

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Joolz takes a nap mojo.

Ugh. Braves take the lead on a Freeman home run.


Wait. What?

I can not type in all caps!!! BOOOOOO

9-8 sox


Sure hope we get good Kimbrel.

Holy Batpoop, How the F#$% did this happen!!!

What is totally improbable, unexpected water? Tsunami?

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