Game Thread 08.25.20: Red Sox (Hart) at Blue Jays (Anderson)

We’re losing

That is all

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We’re on the board. Cool

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Whoa! What’s with the weird start time?

It’s already the 2nd inning.

Already behind by 3 runs.


Out of a bases loaded jam. Whodathunkit?

I’m watching the B’s/TB Game 2. Playoff hockey is far better than this disaster of a team this year. I truly think this is Karma biting them in the balls for a whole bunch of missteps on the field and off.

B’s up 1-0 right off the bat.

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Moreland with an RBI and it’s 4-2

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Tampa tied it

Sox inching closer. 4-2

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Sox even closer. 4-3

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4-3. Good game!

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6-3 :frowning: poop

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Ooh, running on 2nd and 3rd nobody out. DON’T SQUANDER!

That’s 2-1 B’s in the 2nd. :radioactive:

Damn 2-2.

Bases loaded one out. Let’s go!

Another run in and bases reloaded.

8-6 baby. Nice.

Holy crap. Just switched back. What did I miss lmao


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I would like to point out that my kid tripped and fell on his head. He cried. He’s better now, but since then the Sox have sparked a wonderful comeback.

Thank my son.


Oh, no. Poor little guy. And no, just no…that cannot our rally mojo going forward. :rofl:

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