Game Thread 08.22.18: Indians (Carrasco) at Red Sox (Johnson)

Ugh 2-1, can’t string together hits

X ties it

Stuff happening now! Go, go Sox!

Sweetheart! Sox take the lead!

Oh man a dinger would be awesome

Benny with a double

3 runs in


Eck is going nuts!

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Bases loaded for X.


Indians closer, I see. 6-4 Sox.

D’oh. Don’t run on Jackie.

I’m at work. Hows it going?

Mitchy 4-Bags! 8-4 Sox!

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Mitchum 4 bags just went deep

No IPA tonight, eh?

X! 9-4 Sox!

X goes deep again

Kelly leaves two with a 100 mph strike

JD with rbi no 108 as JBJ scores