Game Thread 08.18.20: Phillies (Eflin) at Red Sox (Godley)

Go Sox! I guess. Whatever.

I should be here. Finished Ozark last night.

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Let’s win

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X RBI single. Sox lead 1-0! Yay! A lead!

The Flyin’ Hawaiian! Love him!

Verdugo double, Devers double = Sox up 2-0

Martinez double = 3-0

Joe Girardi is the Phillies manager? I did not know that.

Anyone here? Am I alone?

Oh, 3-1 now and Godley started to get God awful so he’s out and Valdez is in.

3-2 now

The Sox lead is, well,

Verdugo at 3rd and Devers at 1st with nobody out. Don’t squander!

Sorry folks been inactive. Was on the phone with my brother most of the night about my sack of shit dad who I don’t talk to

Any who we are winning. That’s good.

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Sorry for your troubles, Tyler. I was really just joking around.

Sox still have a lead but it’s slim 4-3

Tie game.

I had a rough day and I’m tired :sleeping:

Goodnight, Tyler.

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Good night Joolz. I hate the 2020 Sox.

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If you can’t sleep folks, watch this years Red Sox team.

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