Game Thread 08.15.18: Red Sox (Eovaldi) at Phillies (Velasquez)

2-Bags strikes in the 3rd and clears the bases. 3-0 Sox.

Magnificent Moreland Manages Multiple

Wish they got more

Phillies threatening in the 4th.

Ugh. One run in, nobody out and runners on 2nd and 3rd.

Another run in, but 2 outs.


Tie game.

Ugly Evo, low boiling point

Thanks X

Here I am to save the day.

Eovaldi looks like he should be teaching Romantic poetry from the 1700s at a small private very expensive liberal arts college.

Eh…almost forgot…


Gamecock mojo!!!


Yay! Thep mojo!

I hate review

Eh that’s getting overturned


Beer Advocate gives it an outstanding 4.27 out of 5. You have good taste in beer.

At least Joey Gascans is in.

*puts on his flame retardant suit *

God I hate being right.