Game Thread 08.03.18: Yankees (Severino) at Red Sox (Porcello)

Nice to tune in and see a lead.


Did I hear them right that Mookie is playing second base?

Really? Where’s Kinsler? I’ll have to pay attention when they take the field.

I think he might be hurt

Good choice, Thep.

I just ordered a pizza online. Truly some Star Trek crap right there.

It is very good.

Guess I missed some fun times tuning in late.

What kind of pizza?

Just some crappy chain stuff. Hungry Howies.

God I hate Brett Gardner

Wewt!!! Ball in play, run(s).

Moreland drives in J.D. and it’s 4-1.

Huh. Neil Walker is still alive.

Porcello going for the complete game.

JBJ with another great catch.

One more out.


I great beer