Game Thread - 08/02 Sox (Brice not Price) @ Yanks (Paxton)

Probably lose again. But let’s try and win!


Yep, I’m tuning in. LGRS!!!


Mitchy 2-Bags!

Did A-Rod just say “hitterish?”

X! 2-0 Sox!

I’d like to set A-Rod up with my ex-wife. Would serve him right for being such a douche.

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At a family function. Enjoy the game folks. Go Sox

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Brice with a 3 pitch out. Nice start.

Here comes the Judge love. Barf!

Brice with another 3 pitch out.

Ugh. Bases full of Yankees.

Got him! Out of a jam.

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Devers might be an OK player. I dunno. :slight_smile:

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Really, dude? That much excitement over a Judge home run?

Yeah, that was totally over the top but I just, for some reason, I just don’t hate Judge.

Hell, I don’t like them but I find it hard to muster much hate recently for the Yankees after 4 championships to their none. :slight_smile:

Tie game 3-3

Sox take the lead 4-3

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Cespedes pulled some crap last night. lol.