Game Thread 08.02.18: Yankees (Sabathia) at Red Sox (Johnson)

I love JBJ, he is awesome… if he could hit he would be a god

Running Red Sox!!!

Home run hitting Red Sox

Pierce gets second tonight

I see this is quite the inning.

I stepped away for just about 15 minutes and the Sox were behind by one run. Now they are winning 9-4. Amazing stuff.


3rd for Pierce!!!

Benny wall ball scores Mookie from 1st and it’s 12-5 in the 6th.

Pearce with another home run! 14-5.

Remy is using some Eckisms tonight

14-5 now

I like Remy and Eck together.

What a catch by Kinsler!

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Crazy game, and this was supposed to be Sales Start


Oh, wait.