Game Thread 07SEP2019: Yankees (Happ) @ Red Sox (Lakins)

Lakins has zero history facing the Yankees, according to ESPN. I wonder if they expect him to go through the entire Yankee lineup at least once.

Happ, on the other hand, has plenty of history against pretty much the entire Red Sox lineup, so I will just point out the aggregate: 76-for-349 with 28BB, which works out to a .218 AVG and a .280 OBP.

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We got this. Let’s sweep this stupid team.

Starting with X, Red Sox lineup is a repeating circle of RLRLRLRLR.

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I’ll miss this one. At my spouses parents house for the night watching their dogs. :frowning:

Oh it’s on tv. I’ll still miss it lol. Cfl is on. Riders playing Winnipeg. We have won 6 in a row.

Not able to watch but just saw the score on Gameday. Ugh. 4-0 Yankees in the 4th.

Brutal start for the Sox.

The late, great George Harrison was responsible for 3 of those 4 runs.

What is that in non metric wins?

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We lost 35-10

Sox aren’t doing much better.

4-0 still. Where did the offense go.

5-1. Martinez!

Can’t believe how dead this thread is. Oh wait. Yes I can. Brutal performance.

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Late afternoon weekend games are tough for me. Wish this was being played tonight when I could watch and participate in the thread.

Game sucked but this is kinda funny.


Mookie would have … oh never mind.

Reaching for the wall and ended up with some rack???

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That looks like it was on purpose!!!

he used “the move”