Game Thread 07.17.19: Blue Jays (Sanchez) at Red Sox (Rodriguez)


Delayed. Damn

Man in scoring position. Make this count.

Haha! JBJ guns him down.

It is really coming down.

Looks like it’s pouring.

Going to be an ugly stop and start kinda night.

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Ya it does. Announcers say it’s not but sure looks like it is.

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Brockstar! 1-0 Sox.

Yay! First blood.

Ugh. Tie game.

Ugh. There goes that lead.

I’m have arrived…

Oh shit. My bad. Sometimes my arrival is an indiscriminate run producer.

Beer. This thread needs beer.

Beer. The cause of…and solution to…all of our problems.

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Can’t go wrong with Sierra Nevada.

Devers! 2-1 Sox.

Dr Johnny Fevers just slapped a oppo lone drive HR. It just carried and carried and carried. Imagine how good he is going to be when he hits his prime.

AND it was on sale!!!

My power is out once again. So annoying.

You want to run an extension cord from my house?

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