Game Thread 07.08.18: Red Sox (Porcello) at Royals (Fillmyer)


Not sure if using your challenge on that play in the first inning us such a smart move.

God JBJ is so smooth in the OF.

Pearce sac fly.

1-0 Sox

Wow…RedSox 40-4 when they score the first run

Bonafacio 2 run double.

2-1 KC

X with the hustle…turns a GB E6 into a double

Grr. I have company this afternoon and not able to watch right now. Need them to go home. They should know better.

Nunez RBI single


Fake an illness.

Dang the Sox have into 3 DPs in 3 innings

Halfway to the record!!!

Mondesi RBI single

3-2 Royals

Bases loaded walk.


Pitching change.

X sac fly

4-3 Sox

Cough, cough. They just left.

You should put up a sign on your front door that says Quarentine. That would scare off any future visitors

Benny 4-4. He’s hawt!

Pearce single gets him to 3rd.

Moreland single scores Benny and it’s 5-3 Sox.

X! Double scores another. This offense is truly smashing the Royals.