Game Thread 07.02.18: Red Sox (Porcello) at Nationals (Scherzer)

Rick Porcello hits a 3-run double in the 2nd after they intentionally walk JBJ to load the bases.


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Thanks Joolz. I was intradfic and setting a good example. No phone while driving.

Love when our pitchers help themselves out with the bat.

You’re welcome. Waited a bit hoping Thep or the new guy, soxjunkie would start it.

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Meh I’m not much of a thread starter. I’m more of an internet counter puncher.

Mookie is infectious

Btw, I hate price just as much today as I did last night.

Betts Syndrome. Fortunately there is no cure.


Future Red Sox Bryce Harper goes deeeeeeeeep

Krappy Kelly!!!

Kimbrel time.

Sorry I dipped out last night. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up just as Kimbrell finished off the last batter. Good win to bounce back after Captain Fortnite gave up a half dozen moonshots the night before.

Wh wrong thread