Game Thread 07.01.18: Red Sox (Price) at Yankees (Severino)

Not here again tonight. Went here

For a little mid summer cool down.

Do you ski?

I hate the Yankees.

I hate ESPN.

I hate David Price.

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In glad I’m not seeing any of this.

I live in SC. We complain when its 40 in December

The comeback starts now.

Wow. Just wow.

I think i really am glad I’m not watching this game

I’m watching an old Law & Order: SVU episode.

I hate David Price

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You know how I feel.

In his defense, that rocket launch in Fortnite was a pretty unmissable event.

best description of a David Price start you’ll see-

Welcome @soxjunkie!

Hello soxjunkie. Welcome to BSU.

Welcome to BSU, soxjunkie.

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