Game Thread 06SEP2019: Yankees (German) @ Red Sox (Chacin)

It’s the Chacin German game.

Chacin has some history against a few Yankee hitters, namely Gregorius (2-for-11 with 3BB), LeMahieu (4-for-10 with 1BB), Maybin (4-for-21 with 2BB), and Stanton (1-for-12 with 4BB). Overall, the Pinstripers are 17-for-78 with 12BB (.218 AVG / .322 OBP) facing JC.

Mookie (0-for-10, 0BB) and JD (1-for-10, 1BB) have some experience facing the Sunday German, but they haven’t fared well. Overall, the Red Sox are 19-for-80 with 3BB (.238 AVG / .274 OBP) against Herman.

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JC Superstar Mojo?

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We got this!

I’m gonna eat burgers here folks. Bbqing as I speak.

Wow this chacin is impressing me so far.



Holy Crap that might be the most impressive caught stealing I’ve ever seen

Hate the Yankees.

“Ham ‘n eggin’ ‘em”

What does that mean?

Google is my friend.

To “ham and egg it” is to plug away at something.

I know in Eight Men Out, one of the bigger gambling figures (Abe Attell) referred to the two small-time gamblers (Sleepy Bill Burns and Billy Maharg) as “Ham & Eggers.” I think he was derisively referring to their nickel-and-dime status.

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Raffy with a double. Nobody out.

Brock! 1-0 Sox!

Brock is just a synonym for clutch


Mitchie all the bags


When he was kicking for the Patriots, I though “Vinatieri” was the Italian word for “Money.”

4-0 Sox. that’s what’s up! Lol

Feeding my son.

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I love him.

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Is that his Mob Name, like Lefty Two Guns?


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