Game Thread 06JUL2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ Tigers (Zimmermann)


Still stands to pick up the win …


8-6 now, and Josh Taylor seems to be hell bent on letting Los Tigres at least tie this game, if not take the lead.


I’m off to bed myself. 2 run lead. Hope the BP doesn’t mess it up. Porcello was bad again tonight :frowning:


WEEI Dudes chuckling about what might happen if you say “Buck Farmer” too quickly. :crazy_face:


Benny has 4 hits, two runs scored, and a stolen base. Nice birthday present to himself. 9-6 Good Guys.


Rats. No cycle for Benny. 10-6 Red Sox heading to the bottom of the ninth.


Good Guys win. See you tomorrow.


Solid win! Wish Porcello would get it together but offense has been awesome