Game Thread 06JUL2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ Tigers (Zimmermann)


As a team, Los Tigres have hit Porcello well in the past: 30-for-88 with 4 walks, that’s a BA of .341 and an OBP of .368. Beckham has had the bulk of those plate appearances and hits; he’s 15-for-34 which is a whopping .441 against Mushroom Man.

The only three Red Sox who have 10+ ABs against Zimmermann are Pearce, Pedroia, and Moreland, all of whom are on the disabled list. Take away those three guys and the rest of the lineup is 18-for-48 (.375) against this pitcher.

This is already looking like a high-scoring affair.


My man Rick!!! We got this!


I’m gonna eat oreos. I’m dangerously.


Chinese takeout for me. Beef teriyaki, deluxe lo mein and chicken with garlic sauce. Starbucks cold brew to drink.


Omg. That sounds amazing. I have been craving Chinese food like crazy.



We got this! I’m wearing my Pedroia shirt.


I’m on Gameday and it appears there’s a rain delay.


Yes there is. Detroit gets a lot! Grrr.


This delay is long.


Hope it’s long, long, long. I would love a 7 PM start. :grin:


Watching the Celtics summer league on ESPN


Celtics 28 Sixers 22

End of the 1st


The WEEI Dudes just said that 7PM EDT is the earliest this game will start.


Leonard left Toronto. They will be average again lol. Celtics will still be good.


Cfl is on soon. Saskatchewan Vs Calgary. I shall drink beer


Gonna destroy this.


8:15 start.


Jesus. Wow. Why don’t they just do a double header.


Oh well. Here we go! Eventually lol