Game Thread 06JUL2019: Red Sox (Porcello) @ Tigers (Zimmermann)

As a team, Los Tigres have hit Porcello well in the past: 30-for-88 with 4 walks, that’s a BA of .341 and an OBP of .368. Beckham has had the bulk of those plate appearances and hits; he’s 15-for-34 which is a whopping .441 against Mushroom Man.

The only three Red Sox who have 10+ ABs against Zimmermann are Pearce, Pedroia, and Moreland, all of whom are on the disabled list. Take away those three guys and the rest of the lineup is 18-for-48 (.375) against this pitcher.

This is already looking like a high-scoring affair.

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My man Rick!!! We got this!

I’m gonna eat oreos. I’m dangerously.

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Chinese takeout for me. Beef teriyaki, deluxe lo mein and chicken with garlic sauce. Starbucks cold brew to drink.

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Omg. That sounds amazing. I have been craving Chinese food like crazy.

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We got this! I’m wearing my Pedroia shirt.

I’m on Gameday and it appears there’s a rain delay.

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Yes there is. Detroit gets a lot! Grrr.

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This delay is long.

Hope it’s long, long, long. I would love a 7 PM start. :grin:

Watching the Celtics summer league on ESPN

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Celtics 28 Sixers 22

End of the 1st

The WEEI Dudes just said that 7PM EDT is the earliest this game will start.

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Leonard left Toronto. They will be average again lol. Celtics will still be good.

Cfl is on soon. Saskatchewan Vs Calgary. I shall drink beer

Gonna destroy this.

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8:15 start.

Jesus. Wow. Why don’t they just do a double header.

Oh well. Here we go! Eventually lol