Game Thread 06.30.18: Red Sox (Sale) at Yankees (Gray)

I’m not here. Not even watching the gsme. So if Devers just hit a grand slam in the first I totally didnt see it

I love Sonny Grey

I’m not here but it would make my heart warm if the Yankee fans booed him as he walked off the field. But if that happened I wouldn’t know. Because I’m not here

Places in addition to this game thread that I am not Mojo

Too soon?

I wonder if I was watching this game if Andrew Benintendi would have just had an RBI single

I had a psychic impression while I’m sitting here not watching this game that JD Martinez had a sac fly. Weird.

Thep, you are in some beautiful places while not watching this game.

shouts from the other room

Is that a 3rd inning rally I smell?


BOOOOOOOOOOOO says the Yankees fans.

I mean if I was watching. Which I’m not.

Good thing I didn’t see any of that.

Holy crap I wish I had just seen that catch.

Jay Bee Jay!!!

Sale is amazing.

That slide whistle noise after a Sox strike out is annoying.

J.D.! Too bad you missed it, Thep. 7-0 Sox.

Sandy! A 2-run shot to make it 9-0!

I didn’t any of it. Life just ain’t fair somtimes