Game Thread 06.26.21: Yankees (Montgomery) at Red Sox (Eovaldi)

Go Sox!

  1. Michael Chavis 2B

  2. Alex Verdugo LF

  3. J.D. Martinez DH

  4. Xander Bogaerts SS

  5. Rafael Devers 3B

  6. Hunter Renfroe RF

  7. Enrique Hernandez CF

  8. Bobby Dalbec 1B

  9. Connor Wong C

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Let’s keep the fun going

At the farm tonight so unfortunately won’t be very active tonight

Hold the fort Joolz

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With Eovaldi on the mound, this will easily allow the Sox to go 5 and 0 against the Yanks. Here is to another humiliating sweep as Beantown marches toward a perfect season against New York. It was too close last night, I want Boston to show no mercy tonight.


Hell ya buddy!!! I’ll drink to that !


I may miss parts of this tonight as I’ll be coming and going :frowning_face:

What do you think? 9 to 1 victory for the Sox?

Damn! The game is on FOX.



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Well, now the whole country can watch the Sox humiliate the Yankees. :smiley:

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Come on, boys, strike early and often!

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Xander on and nobody out. Devers needs to launch one here.

Let the massacre start!

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2 on nobody out. LET’S DO THIS!

Here is where it begins! GO SOX!

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I want this to be a very LONG night for the Yankees.

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Bases loaded and nobody out! Break it open!

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I am so loving this!

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Don’t let up, boys! Not one shred of pity!

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Sac fly. On the board 1-0! Keep it going, guys!

Oh, it is not over yet. Keep pouring it on, Boston!