Game Thread 06.20.18: Red Sox (Price) at Twins (Lynn)

When is first pitch? By God im watching this game today.

Bottom of 1st just started.

1-0 Twins already.

F’ing Christ I am the biggest jinx ever.

How do you watch, Thep? Stream?

Yup. On my fire tv

I blinked. Tie score 1-1.

JBJ hit a grounder to first and the pitcher didn’t catch the ball covering first

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Sox threatening in the 4th. Two on and nobody out.

DP rally killer.



The Price is Wrong.

Just finally relaxing. Boo!!! Price needs to keep them at 3

Getting old sucks. Eyes are closing.

Good luck, Sox.

Goodnight Thep and Mikie.

I should be banned from all game threads. I swear I haven’t seen the Sox win a game all season.

not sure what is going on but the F’n twins!!!

Next? Day baseball.