Game Thread 06.16.21: Red Sox (Richards) at Braves (Anderson)

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There’s no way this guy beats us. coffee

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Lmao aaaaaaaah!!!

Let’s keep winning!!!

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Everyone here all pumped for the CFL to start (Canadian football) and I’m just sitting here enjoying baseball hahahahah

I don’t care about CFL much. Just NFL

Don’t get me wrong, if the Saskatchewan Roughriders make playoffs and do well I watch but otherwise I don’t care lmao

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Sox cookin’ already. 2nd and 3rd with one out. Go Xander!

Well, it’s up to Devers.

Bases loaded for Renfroe.

Renfroe! 2-run single!

“Beautiful thing!”


Well, here come the Braves.

Eck and OB just provided and update on RemDawg.

Wow! Nice catch Bobby D.!

“A little fade piece followed by cheese”

Drink! Drink!

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Where’s Tyler?

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Sorry Joolz I’m here

Had to work late. Ugh what a day!!!

Let’s go bats. 2-0 good guys.

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Worked late, going to bbq some burgers!

Let’s go Devers. He’s been hot lately

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Ong renfroe come on

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The announcers are trying to hint that E Rod should go to the bullpen.

And yes it’s concerning.

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Renfroe got lucky there. Thought he would get thrown out at 2nd.

Now get him home!