Game Thread 06.13.19: Rangers (Sampson) at Red Sox (Price)

Sox win!

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RAPTORS!!! Wow!!! What a game.


some serious parallel parking Mojo going on last night!! both Sox and Raptors win!!! the Ending of both last a lot longer than they should have!!

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Here it is:



Okay, can anyone see the parallel parking GIF? It’s there when I first post it then it disappears.


it vanished again!!!

Did you see it before it went away? Here it is again:

must be some thing with the link that retracts it or the sitre rejects it.

I did see it, it looked like my drivers license test.

It looks like maybe Giphy blocks hotlinks? For the time being, I downloaded and added as an attachment to your post.

Maybe if you get another one, try putting it on imgur.

Not sure how much disk space I have here for images to make attachments a regular thing.

I’ve posted links from Giphy in the past. Maybe it’s something new.

Oh maybe its just this one then. I’ll try:

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I can see it Joolz! I swear if someone did that to me lmao I would be so mad. Lucky for me. I drive a 2007 Saturn ion. I don’t give a shit if it gets marked up. Someone boxes me in. I’m bumping them out of the way Hahahaha.

Yup that one shows up too! My god… how does someone park like that lol. That’s ridiculous.

Nope, mine vanished too. the hotlinked one, not the attachment.

Weird. When I first came in I saw both and now they are gone. Wtf…::

random giphy gif link


Random GIF from a non-Giphy site.


Usually it will say Hotlinks blocked but this place it just vanishes into thin air after a certain period of time, almost as if once someone views it, an alert goes up and the hotlink is removed. Crazy shit, I wonder how that works.

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That’s from Giphy and I see it. At least for now.