Game Thread 06.12.19 Rangers (Lynn) Vs Red Sox (Big Dick Rick)


Lineups to be determined. Afternoon game and we are desperate for a win. After last nights embarrassing defeat I look for Rick to bounce this team back!


Thanks. Had no idea it was an afternoon game. Unfortunately these 4 PM starts make it nearly impossible for me to watch live. Gameday it shall be. :frowning_face:


Same here Joolz. I’ll be working while this one is on. Maybe me not watching will be the spark the team needs to get a win lol!


Too bad I’m not having company.


Ah, I remember Remy and OB talking about it last night but I was only half paying attention to them and the game.

“The Red Sox have moved the start time of Wednesday’s game against the Texas Rangers from 7:10 p.m. to 4:05 p.m. as a courtesy to fans who want to watch Game 7 of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup Final against the St. Louis Blues.”


Oh that makes sense! I’m sure the hockey game will be much more exciting than the Sox with their recent play lol.


yeah they are smart, no need for a crowd of less than 5000 for sox to open fenway!!!


Starting Lineups

S.S Choo DH

D. DeShields CF

Elvis Andrus SS

Nomar Mazara RF

Hunter Pence LF

A Cabrera 3B

R Odor 2B

Ronald Guzman 1B

Jeff Mathis C

Mookie Betts RF

Andrew Benintendi LF

J.D Martinez DH

Rafael Devers 3B

X Bogaerts SS

Brock Holt 2B

C Vazquez C

J Bradley Jr CF

Michael Chavis 1B


Tie game. Porcello looking strong after a sluggish first inning.


And we have ourselves a lead. Wow!


lovely feeling a lead


Porcello has been magnificent since the first. Hope the BP doesn’t mess it up as usual.


Here comes Workman. Hold your breath guys. Porcello was great.


2 innings to go! Come on offense. An insurance run or 2 would be nice!


You just knew this BP would blow it. Smh.


We did it!!


In walk off fashion. Now the night is yours Bs. Let’s get this cup.


Nice win