Game Thread 06.11.18: Red Sox (Wright) at Orioles (Bundy)


Game in progress with no score in the 4th.


I thought the Orioles sucked. Need runs.


Sorry late night at work.

Jelly better do it wright


Ugh. O’s have ‘em loaded.

C’mon, Joe!


Whew. Breathe.


Nice, well done Joe


Need to get Bundy out of the game and back in the dugout with his hand in his pants. :grin:


Mobile mojo from a local hamburger chain.

No slaw, more fries and extra innings runs please


How’s the burger?


Ruh-roh. Runner on 2nd for the birds.


Need a Mookie bomb.


I’m out. Hope I wake to a win.


Ugh, Moreland was 3-0 and k’s with bases loaded. Booooo


Devers doubles. X to third. Nunezhit in the gut with pitch. Bases juiced for Holt

Brock Star time!!!


Sf 8
1-0 sox

1st run of game in the12th

Devers and Nunez move up



For Bradley!!

2-0 sox


Tastes like victory


That looks good, is it vegan?


No I don’t usually have jalapenos when i eat a vegan


Joolz falls asleep mojo rules once again.