Game Thread 06.08.19 Rays (Yarbrough) Vs Red Sox (Smith...who?)

Joolz wanted me to create the game day thread (at least for the first game) to see if this mojo is enough to win. With Josh Smith pitching for us I hope this is enough.

Starting lineups

  1. Austin Meadows RF
  2. Tommy Pham LF
  3. Brandon Lowe 2B
  4. Avisail Garcia DH
  5. Ji-Man Choi 1B
  6. Yandy Diaz 3B
  7. K Kiermaier CF
  8. Willy Adames SS
  9. T d.Arnaud C

Red Sox (the good guys):

  1. Mookie Betts RF
  2. Michael Chavis 1B
  3. Xander Boagerts SS
  4. Rafael Devers 3B
  5. Christian Vaquez DH
  6. Eduardo Nunez 2B
  7. Sam Travis LF
  8. Jackie Bradley JR CF
  9. Sandy Leon C

I didn’t shower today folks. Days I don’t shower we win! Except at the start of the season… not sure what happened there. Regardless. I’m feeling a win even with a pitcher I have no clue who he is.

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OMG! 3-0 Rays already. Jump in the shower, Tyler.

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This is ugly…

We need Eovaldi back in the worst way.

Too bad there weren’t any All Star caliber free agent pitchers floating around that would have just cost money to acquire.


Agreed. We could have used one. If Wright was healthy maybe him. But I hate him. Steroid wife beater. But we need some pitching.

Garbage. Let’s win tonight.

Thanks for starting the thread. Please don’t let the loss keep you from starting another. Okay?

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Deal!!! I’ll start more :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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