Game Thread 06.07.19: Rays (Chirinos) at Red Sox (Porcello)

We got this!

:wave: Joolz has arrived.


Come on offense

So, these Rays are pretty good, eh?

That Rays pitcher is throwing a perfect game

Boom. Behold the power of my comments


Bases loaded for Benny.


Squander with a capital S!

Gotta give this pitcher credit. Shut us down hard.

Raptors about to go up 3-1!

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Double header today. Please win both.

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Why don’t you start the game thread?

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Oh that’s a lot of pressure :0 I could…: I’m scared.

Be not afraid. You may start a winning streak.

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How do you upload the lineups and starting pitchers Joolz? I found the link but not sure how to upload it to the forum.

I go to the site and use Microsoft Snipping Tool to capture the image.