Game Thread 06.06.19: Red Sox (Weber) at Royals (Duffy)

Duff can throw a good game. Hopefully Weber can go six strong or more.

Ugh. Behind 1-0, I see. Stuck on Gameday right now.

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Damn. Down early. We are used to this though. Just don’t let it get out of hand Weber.

afternoon games are great for work noise

Anybody warming?

removed. ugh

I’m a little behind on Gameday. Colten Brewer, I see.

Weber is garbage.

mookie!!! 2-2


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yeah team


Devers! 4-2!

Walden is good. This offense has our back. Keep it going!

balls, 4-3

Runs. Need them.

This game is intense. Won’t lie. I was not expecting a blow out but damn. Another run or two please.

Vaz! A triple and it’s 6-3 Sox!


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A wild pitch plates Vazquez!