Game Thread 05JUL2019: Red Sox (Rodriguez) @ Tigers (Soto)


Only one Tiger has 10+ ABs against ERod, and that’s Castellanos, who is 1-for-13. Miguel Cabrera is 3-for-9 with 2 walks, and the entire team is batting .200 against him.

Gregory Soto has no history against any Red Sox batters, apparently.


E-Rod was awesome last game. Let’s do it again!!!


Food mojo. Just had a Fenway Frank for dinner.


That looks delicious.


3-0 good guys.


They are pretty good. Not able to cook it on a grill so I had it fried on a toasted roll.


In here. Better late than never.


Slow game. But winning none the less. E Rod with a second pretty solid performance. Hope he keeps it up!


Rain delay


Dang. My bad folks. I guess I brought the rain


Sad. I’m watching everybody loves Raymond now


I’m watching My Lottery Dream Home on HGTV.


If you win it. I’m coming to live with you.


Sorry, I can’t win a home. It’s about people who won the lettery and they are searching for a new home.

Well, getting past my bedtime and I’m nodding off. Hope I wake to a win. Goodnight!


Night Joolz! Ya I’m getting my kid ready for bed then bedtime for me as well.


Just woke to see the Sox leading 9-6 in the 9th after a 2 hour 4 minute rain delay.

A win!



Yay we win!