Game Thread 04MAY2019: Red Sox (Rodriguez) @ White Sox (Banuelos)

It’s Kentucky Derby Day.

Time to put money on a horse named E-Rod.

Let’s win again. I like winning :slight_smile:

Sox will win 8-3

And 8-3 exacta is the bet today!

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Did I hear someone say something about winning?

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I’ll take an 8-3 win. Record is starting to look better and better!

Thep, you left someone out.

Sorry its a minimum of 3 championships to be in my mojo pics

Horse mojo

May the Fourth be with you mojo

Beer mojo

Sad Yankee fan mojo.

Twins 5 Yankzeez 0 7th inning

During the 7th inning stretch, the Yankees honored WW2 veteran Seaman Dick Masterpole.


I mean thank you for your service but dang rough name there dude.

Lol then Yanks fans looking sad. Kind of how I looked at the end of the Sox game two days nights ago :frowning:

Mookie! 2-run double to put the Sox on top 2-1 in the 3rd.

J.D.! 3-1!

OMG! I missed quite an inning. I see it’s 9-1 now.

14-1 :rofl:

Chavis with his 2nd home run of the game and it’s 15-1.

Bases loaded one out for White Sox.