Game Thread 04.01.2019: Red Sox (Price) at Athletics (Brooks)


2-0 Athletics in the top of the fifth. Price has given up two homers so far.


Soon after the wheels fell off the bus!!




I believe I read the Sox have given up 11 homers in one starting pitcher rotation. eek


Price was ok, not great but not terrible. even if he turned in a great performance, I think I read somewhere that the win percentage for teams that score 0 is pretty low.


I agree that Price didn’t pitch all that bad. Except for the 2 run shot at the end of his outing the HRs were solo shots. Price doesn’t walk many and didn’t put many on base last night. If you have to give a homer I’m all in favor of a solo one.


Are we doing the thing where you continue to start the game thread as long as the team keeps winning, but stop once the team loses?


It was just two of us (:wave: Mikie), but as a general rule that’s what we did.

Nice to see you sprocketboy.