Game Thread 02AUG2019: Red Sox (Rodriguez) @ Yankees (Paxton)

As you might have guessed, this Yankee lineup has plenty of hitters with at least 10 PA facing ERod.

A couple have done well, such as Bird (.385 AVG) and Encarcion (.400 OBP), and most have done okay. Overall, this team is batting 62-for-226 (.274 AVG) with 30 BB (.363 OBP) and 41 Ks.

On the other side of the ledger, Mookie (6-for-18, .333), JBJ (5-for-12, .417) and JD (6-for-13, .462) have all had success against James Paxton, The Red Sox as a group are 33-for-126 with 4 walks, which works out to be a .262 AVG and a .290 OBP.


I really want to win this bloody game!!!

Hembree on IL list.

Had McDonald’s. Now full. Now I nap.

The End.

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I had a BK Whopper Jr. with cheese no mayo for lunch and I’ll have this for dinner.

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I would say. We got this. But the last couple times I have said that we got our ass kicked. So I won’t lol

Mmmmmm sounds and looks delicious!!! I’m having hot dogs bbq!

I’m also watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Not sure why it got such great reviews. I find it kind of boring.

Price to paternity list. Didn’t even know that was a thingy

If Price is preggers that might explain how up and down he has been

Gotta work tonight so I won’t be around much, if at all. Bring home a victory without me

It really wasn’t. The consistency was kinda slimy. Thought I had it before and liked it. Oh, well.

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I’m on my way home to watch the game :slight_smile:

2-0! Me likey!!

Hanging out down at the river. Just tuned in. 2-0 nice but Eddie’s got the bases loaded.

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Trying one of these suckers

Got leahs feet in there lmao

Its Friday night on the river. Drinking, smoking, swimming and watching the Sox…

Fuck grad slam.

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Seriously. Can’t even comment on this pitching anymore.

E Rod looks real bad

Beer helps when we are losing

I need to start drinking.

I miss Eck.

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