Game Day Thread 08.20.21 - Rangers (Dunning) @ Red Sox (Sale)

Sale day today… He looked very good last weekend, let’s hope that continues.


Go Sox!

  1. Enrique Hernandez 2B

  2. Rafael Devers 3B

  3. Xander Bogaerts SS

  4. Kyle Schwarber DH

  5. J.D. Martinez LF

  6. Alex Verdugo RF

  7. Christian Vazquez C

  8. Jarren Duran CF

  9. Bobby Dalbec 1B

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Let’s get a W

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Play ball! Let’s go! Let’s win!

Yes! Eck is in the house! It’s a beautiful thing!

My gosh, Mr. Sale is a skinny dude.

Brock Holt sighting.

Joolz is working on 100 posts in the thread!

I have a bellyache.

Huge storm brewing. Hurricane Henri Is going to hit the East Coast this weekend.

Where’s Tyler?

Is that scruffy beard on Sale new? I don’t remember it?

Kiké with a double!

RBI single for Xander. 1-0 Sox!

Tyler’s here sorry

Got my kid. Just eating

Had to work late tonight a bit.

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Let’s go!!! Get a win

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I like the early lead.

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Come on Sale! Good work

2 down.

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I’m full just ate some heavy McDonald’s.

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Good work Sale.

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