For those who use NFL streams from reddit

They made an announcement today anticipating they might get shut down, but opened an alternate site.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our new users and welcome back to our returning users! This new season is going to be exciting, but also extremely challenging.

Our community has grown to nearly 450,000 strong, and we expect it to rise over 500,000 by the end of the season. Due to this crazy rise, we expect the fate of this subreddit to follow what happened with Soccer Streams and NBA Streams, both of whom were over 500,000 subscribers. Both subreddits were banned this year, and there is a good chance the same befalls this subreddit.

To ensure that all of you guys have a place to go to, we have created . Starting today, you’ll be able to find links on NFLbite, as well as this subreddit.

We are 100% committed to this subreddit till the very end, however, given the reality of the situation surrounding streaming subreddits we must create a backup for this community. I would encourage you all to become familiar with NFLbite as soon as possible so that the transition isn’t sudden when this subreddit goes down.

We are using pre-season to ensure we’re ready to handle everyone during regular season and the playoffs, so please bare with us if you encounter any bugs or issues.

To find a Game Thread on NFLbite, simply check the scores in the sidebar, and click on the “Live” button next to the respective game. If you can’t find your game or the “Live” button, please click on your team’s logo on the top and check the list of articles posted for the game you’re looking for. You will find a streams table posted within each Game Article if you scroll to the middle of the page.

You can also join our Discord to keep in touch.

Thank you for everything, and we hope you continue to enjoy your time with us! Onwards and upwards!

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I used to use Reddit now i just watch them when they are on tv. It’s unfortunate. They used to show at least half the colts games. Now they don’t. However this year I think at least 6 games will be shown on tv. The other ten I listen to on the radio.

I had a little but of irony last night. The ONLY reason I still have satellite is to watch the Patriots in the best possible quality I can.

Just as the game was about to start, thunderstorms came in. When the cloud cover is massive like summer thunderstorms, I lose satellite signal.

So I ended up using Locast to watch a bit of the beginning of the game. Great legal (for now) service, but I believe I read recently that litigation has finally been filed against them. They’ve expected this for quite some time however, so they are prepared, but I;m not optimistic.

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Ya satellite will be out of business soon enough. We pretty use Netflix and crave now and I have MLB tv. If I wanted to get the NFL Sunday ticket I could but it’s not worth it being that 6 or 7 volts games are on tv. I can’t justifu spending that kind of money for 8 or 9 games.

Have you tried locast?

Don’t know what platforms you have, and I don’t know if they have Indianapolis, but it may be an easy way to watch those missing games. I have an app on both my Fire TV and my Nvidia Shield.

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I’ve never heard of it actually. Maybe I should look into this…:

They are a dubiously legal streamer. They stream channels that are available for free with an antenna using FCC rules about rights to rebroadcast.

I would get an antenna if I was close enough.

I’m not, but I am still in the Boston footprint, so I can use locast to live stream most of the local channels live.

If you are not in the right footprint, you may need to use a VPN, I am not sure.

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Ya I’m not even close to Indianapolis unfortunately. Don’t think it would be easy to stream. I’m sure I will figure something out. Haven’t had to worry about this. Up until 2017 a good 9 or 10 of the colts games were on tv. Maybe because they were good las Year they will have quite a few on? Also I usually miss about 3 or 4 anyway because Sunday morning is our frisbee league.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

Watching football from ones couch always supersedes any real activity. :slight_smile:


Lmao. Not my fault the damn disc league is on sundays. Though this year will be different as we have a child. So I may skip thisbyear.

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I joined the Discord a few days after NBA streams got shut down. The nflbites site seems like a better option for me.

Thanks for sharing reddit nfl streams

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Hi NFLbite… I used r/nflstreams for a couple of years and now have used the new site a few times this season and so far it is spectacular. Thanks for all that you do.

Also, Welcome to BSU.

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I use DAZN. Works great. I watch it on my tv or phone. In my rocking chair or on the toilet. The possibilities are endless.

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