Fallon Sherrock: First woman to win mens bracket match at Darts World Championship

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I mean look at the crowd. That was just a first round match.

Also Sherrock won more money winning that first round match in the mens draw than she would have winning the championship in the women’s.

Dude missed his last bull by this much.

I guess that’s the way it goes in darts. Not a game of inches, but a game of millimeters.

If she doesn’t win the whole tournament, are they going to lynch the dude who defeats her?

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I forget her name, but there was this smoking hot Asian woman back in the 90s who used to regularly kick men’s asses in pool tournaments.

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Oh shit, that’s right. Always wore black if I remember right.

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Found her. Maybe Fallon becomes the dart game’s answer to the Black Widow?


She was quite good at the ol’ stick and balls, if you catch my drift.

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Well played.

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The secondary point I was trying to make here was "Look at those crazy ass Brits going fucking bonkers and partying like madmen at a darts tournament. "

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My best friend plays darts and she and her friends go bonkers partying every Tuesday night. How they work the next day is beyond me.