Falcons Keeping HC and GM

I want the Colts to take Matt Ryan :frowning: Stupid Falcons fans wanting him gone bahahah!!! Legit the only reason they won any games this year. Give him a defence and a solid running game, and that man will take you to the playoffs every year.

28-3 :slight_smile:


Lmao!!! Better than what the Colts did in the Conf Final against the Patriots. What was that final again. 100-7 or something ahahahahah.


Matt Ryan is definitely a QB that needs momentum. When Atlanta catches fire they are a hell of a tough team. But a cold Matt Ryan is ugly lol! I never understood the phrase Matty Ice. I like him as a QB, but he sure wasn’t clutch in the Super Bowl against the Pats.


I believe what @TylerD (and probably fans of the rest of the teams in the NFL) is saying is … give us a 28-3 lead over the Hated Patriots in the third quarter, and we’ll take our chances.

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Hey hey!!! The Colts could have come back from that 38 point beat down… If there was an extra few quarters… You never know…