End of year stats

Here are some stats and graphs for the board for the year:

This is consolidated page views. Red is from crawlers (like google, bing, whatever). Light blue is anonymous users, and dark blue is logged in users. Trend of growth over the year.

These are more specific stats. If anyone wants an explanation, let me know.

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Holy shit I thought that said end of your stats and I was being fired. Or worse.

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Yes. I would like an explanation.

For which?

first, why he wasn’t fired?

Secondly why there is no Badminton options?

All of it. Just start from the beginning…

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

I for one have absolutely no context in which place these stats. Are they good? I mean I understand that the site is busier than it was a year ago. But is it enough busier? Even when I was helping that colts guy drive his site right into the ground build his board, I don’t think he ever showed us anything like this.

So we have a few new sign ups, usually around the Draft, start of training camp and during the season - pretty good.

Tyler D’s arrival is noticeable on the graphs.

Game days spiked

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I think overall, it shows there was a slow growth throughout the year. More signups would help though.

The second graph (top middle) is the number of topics, and then the third, the number of posts.

DAU/MAU is “Number of members that logged in in the last day divided by the number of members that logged in in the last month - returns a percentage that indicates community ‘stickiness’ Aim for > 30%.”

Daily engaged users is the number of users that have liked or posted within the last day.

Someone can hit the sign up stat when they register, but they don’t hit the New Contributors stat until they post.

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This is why I often failed with some business websites SEO stuff. I’m not smart enough to understand Google Analytics graphs. I’m math challenged. :slight_smile:

Here is another graph I found…I think what it says us pretty obvious



We can all thank Tom Hanks for this stat



Its changed a lot in the past 20 years. Many of the things I did for PatriotsPlanet no longer apply.

But one thing that is still the same is word of mouth. It still remains one of the best ways to grow. So anytime anyone here can share things on social media, you never know how it might pay off down the line.

I post stuff sometimes on a FB group I run with Jag and almost always repost things you post to my timeline. I’ll try and figure out an even more effective way of getting this site out there. I love it here and would to see it grow.

The thing I’ve been trying to do lately is comment more on tweets using the BSU twitter account. If I manage to mistakenly say something clever, someone may look at the profile that has the link and wander in here.

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Didn’t even know we had a feed in the Twittersphere. I’ll go check it out.

Its not automatic. Just an account linked to me that I named for BSU. Though I do tend to share more on twitter than I do on Facebook.

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younger type seem to be leaving FB, FB is a hook up site for the over 45 crowd creeping on old flames.