Dorsett might be....

Turning into something.

I know there is no game thread here tonight, but I had to say something about Dorsett.

Sorry. I’m at a local bar watching my BIL play. Personally I’m 10p% on rhe Cordarrle Patterson wagon.

Oh I am kind of excited about him too. You can’t teach speed.

Eric Decker? Not so much.

Dorset is doing it with Brady, Patterson is more connected with Hoyer but I want both to shine.

Nine targets for CPatt. Thats just makes me a little bit randy. Rawr!!

I only got to watch a few plays live, but i just saw some highlights. Another CPatt sighting behind the opposing teams defense, and another horrible pass from Hoyer. If Brady gets hurt, this team is in real trouble.

*waits for laughter to subside *

Maybe the Colts will trade Brissett back to the Patriots.

*rimshot *

If Hoyer could play the game of football at all, Patterson would have scored about 5 TDs this preseason and we’d all be calling him Corrandelle Pattermoss.

Also watching Hoyer be absolutely terrible this preseason makes me wonder if it doesnt take a tiny little bit of the shine off of SF’s turnaround led by Jimmy GQ

I wonder how Hoyer is not replaced, I think because he plays a roll keeping Tom happy since he is older. More in common. It is not his skills…

Patterson can fly but he is a big dude too.

The problem is who do hey replace him with? Danny Etling? Not drafting a better QB this year is going to bute them in the ass sooner rather than later.

I actually came here to post that about Patterson. He is a matchup nightmare.6’2 220 with the speed to run by 99% of the CBs out there, the elusiveness of a much smaller player, and the strength to do things like this…

DB clearly respecting Pattersons speed lines up 10 yards off the LOS, Patterson catches the ball 6 yards from the first down, the DB comes up and hits him pretty good, and CPatt fights thru for another 4 yards, and its 2nd and 2. Its basically stealing.

I know he has a long way to go before we annoint him, But ive been saying all along that they didnt pay him what they did for him to just be a KO returner. I imagine Josh McDaniel laying in bed at night not able to sleep because he cant stop imagining the possibilities of Patterson in this offense.

EDIT: It wont let me embed…the play im talking about starts at 8:57

Also this: (lets see if embedding works on this one)

When Belichick tells you they are going to make you the player you should have always been, that means something.

EDIT: Grrrrrr…start at 1:44

2017 AFC Championship game. Flea Flicker

So much time

Dorsett might be…
trade bait now that Gordon has taken his snaps.

We need help on defense.

I have no issue trading him for LB help but is he enough?

would you take Jamie Collins back?

With his contract? No way.
Caserio can find someone cheaper and who does what the coaches want him to do…his job.